The Phat Buddha Story

Phat Buddha is an essential seamless brand that moves with your fashion forward lifestyle
The Phat Buddha collection of  fitness wear offers men and women a wardrobe meant for more than just the studio. Phat Buddha’s cool, cosmopolitan approach to  fitness wear, from the seamless construction of silhouettes to the fashion minded attention to color, detail and t, achieves an undeniably high-fashion edge.
Identifiable with the Fitness fashion clientèle, Phat Buddha is able to infuse the desire for wear-ability, comfort and function into the collection, creating fitness wear that flatters the figure as well as aunt a chic sense of style. The coveted style of Phat Buddha is a must-have among men and women of the fitness world, including celebrities, pop stars and our beloved yogi’s.
The designs of Phat Buddha are consistently featured in style-making publications including Vogue, Fitness, Health, Oprah, The New York Times, Health and more. 


About Alissa

Alissa BenishaiBorn and raised in NYC,  Alissa Benishai graduated from Stern at the ripe old age of 19.  Her first stint in the “city that never sleeps” landed her in real estate development.  Money was flowing and so was the party life. Alissa’s dreams were almost swept away but she woke up at the very last second and realized that there was something better out there.

In 2009, Alissa kissed the “Big Apple” goodbye and traveled to Hawaii to begin a three-month program of intensive yoga training with Bikram. It was at this training that Alissa found her passion and peace in life.  However, that was not enough for Alissa. Upon returning to NYC, Alissa took what she loved and reconfigured it into a thriving business-the development of a one size fits all fitness brand; Phat Buddha was born and Alissa was on her way to success.

Over the past 5 years,  Alissa has developed Phat Buddha into more than just a wardrobe for the studio.  Phat Buddha’s cool, cosmopolitan approach to fitness wear, from the seamless construction, organically conscious threads, to the fashion minded attention to color, detail and fit, achieves an undeniable high-fashion edge. Furthermore, Phat Buddha is a true “one size fits all” brand, making it a retailers dream. Alissa created something that did not exist. A true entrepreneur.

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